If you have ever said, “I can’t get the phone right now…I’M FUNKIN’ TIED UP” and meant it literally, then this may be your kink! Simply put, bondage is tying, binding, or otherwise restricting a person. You can do this using rope, tape, cuffs, manacles, items of clothing, shackles, stocks, or any other material that restrains. There are different levels of bondage play, from mild to extreme. Some players like to build an entire scene around bondage activities, while others may just want to be blindfolded with their wrists tied behind their back when they get fucked…and there’s a whole lot in between!

When using rope to tie someone up, simple cotton rope is best. It has give, and burns less than other forms of rope. Hiking cordage, burlap twine, and other forms of rope can damage the skin.

If using rope, check for allergies by rubbing a small piece of your rope on a small patch of your partner’s skin, wait 30-60 minutes and if irritation is evident then use another fiber. If you choose to use any fiber other than cotton, make sure you are aware of that fiber’s affects on the skin.

When using handcuffs or shackles make sure the keys are easily accessible.

Do not bind or restrain your partner in a way that cuts off his circulation. A common practice is leaving room for at least one finger to slip between the skin of the person being bound and the bindings. Using cotton and other fabric padding between skin and binding is also recommended.

Never tie a knot so tight that it does not allow some freedom of movement…loose knots will still restrain a person. If a knot becomes too tight, you may use needle nose pliers to loosen it.

If you are restrained and your hands, feet or other limbs tingle or get numb, this usually means that the restraint is pressing on a nerve. Tell your partner to loosen the restraints slightly and/or reposition you until the tingling ends.

If your hands or feet become cold to the touch, your circulation is being cut off. Again, indicate to your partner that you need the bounding loosened or repositioned.

Do not use rope around the neck or suspend your partner by his neck.

Never blindfold, gag, and bind your partner’s limbs at the same time. This does not allow him any way to indicate if something isn’t going right.

If you are gagged, agree to use some form of nonverbal communication like snapping fingers or tapping your toes to the floor.

Never leave a person bound and unattended… ANY FUNKIN’ THING CAN HAPPEN!!!


For more about BONDAGE: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework , Geoffrey Budworth