Gettin' High

Right now (or at least when FUNK! hits the streets), the gay and leather communities are trying to wrap their heads around crystal meth. Well, we know there are many substances (including alcohol and nicotine) that can wreak havoc on the physical, emotional, psychological, and Spiritual selves. Besides, a new drug could come out in a month that may blow Ms. Tina away! And while some drugs can be considered more destructive than others, the bigger thing for you to think about if you use anything is using it safely. Depending on your “drug of choice”, that may mean clean needles…using in moderation…or just “lettin’ go”! Remember, today it may be “Party N Play” (PNP) …but tomorrow it can turn into PARTY N FUNKIN’ PAY!!!

If you are wondering whether your substance use is an issue, here are a few things to consider:

Have you ever felt like you wanted to cut back your substance use (including smoking and alcohol), or felt guilty about your use?

Are people commenting to you and/or about your substance use (and not in a nice way)?

Do you need your substance to start…get through…or end your day

Is your substance use keepin’ you from getting shit done that you need to get done?!?

If you answered yes (or were just too scared to answer), then you may want to consider talking to a professional about what’s going on. There are a range of treatment options available depending on what you need, and the models for help range from “cold turkey” abstinence to harm reduction strategies. We won’t tell what to do…but if you feel you need help then FUNKIN’ DO SUMTHIN’!!!