While the main focus of FUNK! is leathersex, we believe it is also important to remind our Bruthas that it is also important to protect yourselves during every sexual activity. And, even though the risk for contracting HIV or other STIs from most of the activities covered in this book are minimal, we all know that often a good scene can end with some serious suckin’ and fuckin’…so we still need to think about DA FUNKIN’ BASICS!

STIs are infections that can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. There are more than 30 STIs (check out for details), and they are transmitted primarily through sexual contact with a person who has a sexually transmitted infection. Everyone who is sexually active is at risk for STIs (HIV or others) if their partner is infected. Most of you are probably more familiar with the term STD (sexually transmitted disease), people acquire infections through sexual contact, not diseases. STI is just more accurate.

Most STIs are preventable by practicing safer sex. There are many activities included under safer sex, but for intercourse it means using a protective barrier (with the appropriate lubricants) for any kind of fuckin’ or suckin’. Yeah, we know there is a slim chance of contracting HIV through oral sex…but there are a lot of other infections to worry about!

Recommended barriers include condoms (latex and polyurethane), dental dams, finger cots, and nitrite gloves; and they should all be used with water-based lubricants. Just be aware that some people have allergies to latex and/or certain chemicals in lubricants. If you notice a strange reaction, it doesn’t mean to stop using protection…it just means to try a different product!

Don’t make decisions about protecting yourself based on what your partner says…or how he looks…or if he pays. If you want to play safe…then FUNKIN’ PLAY SAFE!

There is a lot of info available on HIV so we won’t go too deep, and recommend you check out The Body ( for the most recent info on HIV. But regardless of how much you read and learn, the only way to know if you have contracted HIV is to get tested!

If you fuck raw, or share needles (regardless of if you are shooting steroids, hormones, or heroin) then you are at risk for contracting HIV (and forms of hepatitis…and other infections)! And we know barebacking can be hot…sexy…spontaneous…and your preference; but if that’s how you hit it then keep up with what’s happening with your body…and if something seems a little off then get it checked out!

You may be the kind of person that can do your own self diagnosis when you get sick, but the only way to be 100% if you have an STI is to get tested

If you have been playing raw or think you may have an STI, then request a test from your primary care physician. If you don’t have a regular doctor (or don’t want him or her all in your business) find out if your local health department (or community based organizations) offers any free HIV/STI testing. We don’t care where you go…just HANDLE YA FUNKIN’ BUSINESS!!!