Nipple, Dick & Ball Play

This may be one of the most common areas of play for Bruthas. And even though we can get real funny about who’s GRABBIN’ ON OUR FUNKIN’ DICKS, nipple tugs seem to have replaced handshakes as the official greeting in the leather community. Devices used for NDBP may include items designed specifically for play like snakebite kits, clamps, pumps, weights, rings, and stretchers...or common household items like rubber bands, rope, and clothespins. Heat and/or cold substances may be applied during NDBP; and some kats incorporate physical techniques like slapping, biting, pulling, or applying pressure during a NDBP scene.

Suctions, bands and clamps should never be left on too long; they can cause damage to underlying tissue.

Extreme abrasion (using sandpaper or other rough surfaces) can damage the skin.

A seriously distressed nipple may lactate or bleed, and proper steps should be taken to clean and dress the wound.

A stress blister may occur; it could be very painful, and should be treated accordingly. Hitting, punching, kicking the genitalia too hard can cause permanent damage.

Pumping has a whole separate list of “dos” and “don'ts”. Take the time to do your research if you are interested in that activity.

Your (and your partner’s) nipples, dick, and balls are sensitive areas…HANDLE THEM WIT’ FUNKIN’ CARE!!!

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