If fisting is something you wanna get your hands on (or should we say in) there’s a lot to know; YOU CAN’T JUST DIG DA FUNK IN! Assholes are naturally tight, and fisting can cause more serious tears in the rectum than most sexual activities. Fisting requires skill, time, and patience. But when it’s done right, fisting can create one of the most intense connections (literally and figuratively) between partners.

Nitrite gloves are the best for fisting. If fisting multiple partners, change gloves each time you change holes.

Lube, lube, and MORE FUNKIN’ LUBE!!! The asshole and the glove both need to be well lubricated. If wearing latex gloves, make sure to use water-based lubes that will not erode latex. But if you are wearing nitrite gloves you have a lot more options!

If you are planning to get fisted, relaxation through meditation and practice (without the aid of drugs) is an ideal way to prepare the rectum to receive a fist.

Do not attempt to give or receive an entire fist immediately. Work up to the fisting by using your tongue, fingers, toys…even the head of your dick (covered with a condom, of course) to spread and massage the rectal cavity and get it ready for your fists!

Pace yourself, and work with your partner to coordinate the movement of the fist into (and in) the rectal cavity).

Don't fist if your fingernails are long and/or jagged because they can damage the glove as well as the bottom's rectum. Make sure fingernails are cut short and filed evenly.

Do not use a bare hand with an open wound or hangnail(s).

When pulling out (as with condoms), make sure to grab the open end of the glove so that it doesn’t slip off.

Don’t push it…don’t force… LET IT HAPPEN FUNKIN’ NATURALLY!!!

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