Before engaging in fucking, fisting, or other forms of assplay, some Bruthas like to CLEAN DA FUNK OUT!!! Enemas can also be a hot part of a serious assplay or humiliation scene. But, you must be careful when you're interfering with any of the body's routines.

Enemas are not recommended for people with heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, and epilepsy, as well as stomach, intestinal and metabolism related diseases. Enemas should not be used when you are stressed, or after you have used alcohol or drugs.

Douches and enemas can wash away protective surface mucus, so douching or using enemas directly before getting fucked could leave you more open to infection.

Keep your quantity and frequency reasonable; using too much fluid or douching too often can kill necessary bacteria and slow metabolism.

Warm water is the most recommended fluid to use for enemas. But remember, tap water may contain harmful bacteria. Some people keep pre-boiled water on hand to use for enemas and douching.

Do not use water over 113 F because it may scold the colon.

Adding certain chemicals to an enema can damage the gastrointestinal tract. Mild soap, glycerin, vegetable, chamomile, salt, and baking soda are considered safe, and used for various reasons.

Do not share enema bags, tubing, or nozzles; and thoroughly clean after every use.

When bottoming in an enema scene, it is important to stay hydrated.

Enemas should not be used after sex; they can push infected semen, blood or feces further into the body.

Unless you and your partner are into scat, we understand you wanna keep it squeaky clean…just remember the key is KEEP IT IN FUNKIN’ MODERATION!!!

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