About Us


THE FUNKIN' 411!!! 

Founded in 2007, Forbidden FUNK Media is an adult film and merchandise company dedicated to showcasing the beauty, strength and raw sexuality of men of color in their leather, fetish and kink worlds. Our films expose the sexual wants, needs, desires and passions of these men - authentically and unapologetically! Forbidden FUNK Media is black owned, and our products are created by men of color who live and love in leather!

Forbidden FUNK Media knows that hot men cum (excuse the pun) in various builds and skin tones, and you will see them in our films. We also know the beauty of age, body hair, ink and metal - so we give you a sampling of all of the above!

Forbidden FUNK Media also knows that all Bruthas are not the same, so we have something for everyone:

Interested in seeing kink with an urban freak flava? Get a taste of Nubian FUNK!

Nostalgic for the days when kats got geared up to cruise the scene? FUNK Masters has what you have been missing!

Looking for extreme kink with an "anything goes" attitude? Hardcore FUNK is right up your alley!

Want to see real men doing real things? Check out Pure FUNK!

But don't limit your desire, take a look at all of our products and see what Forbidden FUNK Media is all about!